What is a Wordoku puzzle?

A Wordoku puzzle is basically a Sudoku puzzle, but instead of numbers from 1 to 9, we are using the letters of a nine-letter word. All the rules of Sudoku apply here. That is, none of the rows, columns or the 3×3 boxes should have any of the alphabets of the word repeated.

If Sudoku and Wordokus are the same in principle, then why not just post a Sudoku puzzle?

Well, Wordokus are a lot more fun, because (a) you get to see different alphabets for each puzzle instead of the same nine numbers in Sudoku, (b) solving the Wordoku would also involve finding the nine letter word (or word combination) hidden in one of the rows and columns. (c) The Double Wordoku is even more fun, since there is the added challenge to solve the anagram that can be formed by the letters of the two nine letter words. What is surprising is this anagram solution will be related to the original two words. Some of the solutions are really funny and some very profound. See my write up on anagrams to have a taste of how amazing anagrams can be.

So, how do you solve these Double Wordokus?

The steps to solving the puzzle completely are as follows: 1. First solve each of the two Wordoku puzzles. As an example, consider the following puzzle:


2. If you correctly solve the Wordoku puzzles, you will find one of the rows/columns would spell out a nine letter English word (or words). This is the solution word(s) of each Wordoku. The solution of the above Wordoku puzzles would be:


You can see that the seventh row of the first Wordoku spells out the word “WRESTLING” and the fourth column of the second Wordoku spells out “SIMPLETON”.
3. Write down the solution words in the boxes below the Wordoku grid, as shown above.
4. Now, take those letters appearing in the boxes with the wavy lines. In the example above, you get “WRESTL” from the first Wordoku and “IMPLETON” from the second Wordoku.
5. Rearranging the letters of “WRESTL” and “IMPLETON”, you get the final solution, “WILL REPENT MOST”. You will find that the final solution is in some way related to Wordoku words. That is, here “Wrestling Simpleton Will Repent Most” makes a sensible sentence.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Unlike some Sudokus, my Double Wordokus may not always yield a unique solution. The point is that the solution must contain the solution word in one of the rows or columns.

Isn’t it possible to find the Wordoku words without solving the Wordoku itself? That is, just by rearranging the unique letters in the each Wordoku?

Yes. But then you would lose the fun in solving the Wordokus. Besides, if I decide to give away prize(s) for those who get the final solution right, you must have solved the Wordokus to be considered for the prize.

I see that the Wordoku puzzles you posted are image (jpg) files. Can I solve them online?

At this moment, no, you cannot solve them online. You need to print out the image (jpg) files and use your trusted pencil & eraser to solve them.


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