My name is Hari Kumar.

I am just an ordinary guy in my mid forties. I live in Singapore, where I work as an Engineer. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two wonderful children (both boys) who suffer me mug

To add some excitement to my lacklustre life, I write a lot, mostly bad poetry and ridiculous short stories. I have even written two terrible novels, which I am trying to get some gullible publisher to accept. I have achieved some measure of success, though, in hoodwinking two publishers to accept my work. Two of my short stories were published in August 2006:

  1. Penguin books in a tie-up with published a compilation of humorous pieces by Indian writers called “India Smiles“. The featured pieces were selected through a global contest. My story, “The Man Who Married a Tree” was one among the 26 that managed to be selected out of the 5000 entries from all over the world. You can find the details here. If you want to read my winning story, you click here.
  2. My story titled “Night at Passion Touch”, found its way into an anthology of erotic stories appropriately but unimaginatively titled “Best of Singapore Erotica“. Now don’t get me wrong, my story is supposed to be more humorous than it is hot.

Both the above stories are actually excerpts from my second novel, titled “Killing the Red God

India Smiles Cover Bose cover
I have also been published in several online literary journals/e-zines and portals like WordsWordsWords, Mindfire, Bharatwaves, QLRS (Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore) etc.

My fascination for words go beyond the literary field into areas such as puzzles, like Sudoku, Wordokus and anagrams. I have created this particular blog especially for Wordoku puzzles (and of course the stray bits of my writing). I plan to post at least one Double Wordoku puzzle on a random day every week. And if I get enough readers/puzzle addicts I intend to give out cash prize(s) (Yeah, I am slightly crazy!). So be sure to check this blog every day.

In my spare time, I also like to create software and think up insanely innovative contraptions that have no use at all. I also dream about never-tried-before business ventures that never materialise.